Fundamental Scandals

Bible Madness near Chicago? CHICAGO?

The Jack Hyles brand of fundamentalism is the type of fundamentalism satirized in my movie, BIBLE MADNESS.  The placard, ‘Let’s Go Soulwinning’ was taken from a popular book about soul winning that was written by Jack Hyles.

CHICAGO magazine just published a very detailed piece regarding Jack Hyles and his influence on fundamentalism.  Indeed, if you read the article without knowledge of J. Frank Norris, Billy Sunday, or Bob Jones, Sr, you might get the impression Jack Hyles invented Independent Fundamental Baptists!

The article is worth reading but I do have two bones to pick with it.

Cult Researcher Rick Ross has never heard of First Baptist in Hammond, Indiana?  Where was Rick Ross during the early days of Fundamentalist Anonymous when Jack Hyles and Bob Jones were mentioned by F.A. leaders on national TV?  If I’m not mistaken, Ross was on some of those programs!

I have observed a distinct pattern with cult researchers that leads them to be extra critical toward David Koresh type groups or non Christian religions while paying only scant attention to abusive tendencies within ‘mainstream’ religious organizations.

The second bone:

I think I’m the only one amongst accountability advocates who doesn’t believe Brenda Stevens intentionally ran over Jack David.  Kids getting hit by cars is the third leading cause of deaths for children between 5-10.  The auto industry has installed cameras on the back of cars for that very reason.  It sounds like Bryan Smith, the author of Let Us Prey, breathed a wee bit of Jeri Massi’s pixie dust since she’s also mentioned in the article.  Her book jumps to that conclusion and that’s where Smith is taking the reader. (For more on Massi, read the article, ‘Are Fundamentalist Christians capable of counseling victims of child abuse?’)

Other than that, I can’t help but be amused at his reaction toward Massi’s hyperbole:

 “take in everything: pedophilia, violence, defamation of the innocent to protect the guilty, heresies against Christian doctrine, defiance against lawful authority. . . .” And all this barely half an hour’s drive from downtown Chicago.

CHICAGO magazine article:

Concerning kids getting run over by cars:

Article: Are fundamentalist Christians capable of counseling victims of child abuse?


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