Fundamental Scandals

Music to scandal monger by!

After reading this account of why Dr. Jerry Kaifetz, Ph.D. left Do Right – Hyles Anderson, I figure someone must step up and write a meaningful post on two topics: becoming your enemy and why do fundamentalists (and ex-fundamentalists) feel like giving us their business resume before complaining about fundamentalists?  This will not be that post.

For now, I just feel like posting the following video to serve as background music while you read Jerry’s account of why he left Do Right – Hyles Anderson.

Have a happy weekend!

Article: Why I Left the DR-HAC Group

Suggested background music:


One thought on “Music to scandal monger by!

  1. I’m not certain my comment will get approved over there. I appreciate that you and I can hold such distinctly different beliefs, but get along famously well! Thanks for letting me voice my thoughts here:

    For the life of me, I cannot understand why so many who claim to be strong Christians sell our creator short. Are you not aware that the entire statement you just made shows your lack of faith in one whom you also claim to be omnipotent and all powerful? 

    Also, let me remind you that the bible plainly states in Exodus 20:5 that The Lord proclaims himself to be a JEALOUS God! Your post totally refutes the scripture you claim to follow, not to mention the spiritual beliefs you publicly claim to hold. 

    I was booted out of the group you claim to so gallantly have left because I asked Stephanie Davies, one of the self-proclaimed “appointed by the FBI victims advocate” what requirements had to be met in order to be appointed by the authorities as a victims advocate.  With my employment background and life experience, I wanted to check into it in my state because I thought I might have something to offer. My question was immediately defined as an “attack”, and I was booted out and blocked, after being accused of harming survivors with my inquiry. Whatever………

    But, to get back to what could be construed as you talking out of both sides of your mouth, and what seems (to me) to be a desire to be looked upon as an authority figure within a large group of people who have been harmed by their religious associations, you have no humility. Your doctorate(s), letters after your name, awards, etc. mean absolutely nothing to a great number of people. 

    With regard to your shock, disgust and condemnation of the actions of the folks who show they are less than happy with things religious, you grossly fail to acknowledge that the vastly growing numbers of these folks are the product of the fundamentalist beliefs you supported for many, many years, and now claim not to. And at the same time you think all the creds you earned within the IFB should earn you the ear of the people that you helped harm.  When you can get over yourself with all that, and just be a compassionate and sorrowful person, you might get somewhere. 

    I didn’t see the cartoon you talked about, but I’ve seen many like it. The other day I shared the “do-it-yourself-rapture-catapult”. I found it to be quite ironic and thought-provoking. It made me consider the poor multitudes of people who have created their own machine such as this, built of their own good works so as to catapult them into the arms of Jesus. 

    It would make sense that knowing the message Jesus brought to us, which has been so distorted and tainted, resulting in multitudes of people being harmed, would grieve him. It grieves me. And me, being just a mere human created in his image, totally understand how the perverted version of Jesus’ message so many of us were subjected to results in this type thinking. I’m willing to bet that Jesus gets it, too. But he doesn’t turn his nose up and condemn those who suffer. 

    Yet you, and so many like you show your colors, not to mention your lack of critical thinking (the components for development that you were created with….in God’s image) 
    when you jump to the defense of your creator, who, thank you very much, is omnipotent and powerful enough to be way beyond the need for defending. These kind of cartoons are an example of the disdain created in some of those who were harmed by what you were up to your eyeballs in. Would not Jesus be showing you this so you can humbly minister to these hurting people, as a fellow human being? Or would it be so you could dish out the condemnation? Which is more likely to “launch” you into the arms of the Savior? I can see him, tapping his foot impatiently at those publicly defending him against those that “blaspheme”, saying “Put a sock in it and do something USEFUL. I’m doing just fine where I’m at. Shut up and just go show these hurting people some remorse and love… MY NAME.”

    (thanks, again.)

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