Fundamental Scandals

The Pope, Pastor G, and Jack Schaap walk into a bar. . .

What a week this has been for scandalous news regarding the religious reich!  A new Pope is chosen,  Jack Schaap signed a detailed plea bargain that leaves more questions than answers, and an anonymous tip regarding Phil Aguilar’s Set Free ministries links practically everyone in this paragraph into one big dysfunctional family.

Phil Aguilar, founder of Set Free, a biker ministry that has been affiliated with Calvary Chapel and the Trinity Broadcasting Network, according to my tip, was trained by Jack Hyles.  A search on the internet reveals that Jack Schaap, the former pastor of Hyles First Baptist Church, praised Aguilar by saying he followed Jack Hyles to a ‘T’. That might explain why both TBN and Calvary Chapel eventually distanced themselves from Aguilar after the arrests of Set Free bikers on a number of charges ranging from child abuse to attempted murder (although lawsuits and accusations regarding sex abuse/harrassment also have been leveled against Calvary Chapel and TBN).

Geronimo Aguilar, his son, was 21 years old (married, 2 kids) when he got involved with a 14 year old girl.  He ditched the wife and kids (who were sent to a ranch to get over it).  Geronimo married the 14 year old girl and they are still married.  Geronimo, now known as ‘Pastor G’, is head of the Richmond Outreach Center in Richmond, Virginia.

Pastor G recently showed up on YouTube praising Jack Schaap and, while saying that what he did was terrible, seemed to not only forget about the victims but missed an opportunity to illustrate from  personal experience.

schaapJack Schaap signed a plea deal and it is currently on view at the Chicago Tribune’s website.  It is very detailed and gives an eye opening look at how a bible based predator grooms his victim.   The reason for this plea deal is to protect the victim from further abuse.  If you have visited Facebook and message boards and read posts basically accusing the victim, the argument makes sense.  Justice is being served, but we’re still left in the dark concerning the names that Jack Schaap coughed up in order to get his sentence.

‘A trusted staff member’ is indicted for driving the girl out of state to meet Schaap at a park.  At least the secretary in the Trinity Baptist/Bob Gray scandal could simply slam the office door  when she saw something ‘questionable'(according to the deposition).  She didn’t have to drive the girl across state lines two times to a remote woodsy area!  

There is also a little matter concerning two defendants who ‘purchased/sale of an infant/toddler child knowing that the child would be caused to assist another person to engage in sexually explicit conduct for the purpose of producing child pornography’.  SAY WHAT?   Even more disturbing is the fact that if Jack Schaap hadn’t agreed to the plea deal,  those two most likely wouldn’t have been arrested!

Picture 16You have to also go under the assumption Schaap might still be holding back information.  How bad is it out there in the world of fundamentalism?

Oh, yeah! They elected a new Pope!  His name is Francis!  Some call it   ‘a new day’ for the Catholic church, which, like the folks above, have also been hit by child abuse scandals.   Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergogliol took the name ‘Pope Francis’, allegedly this name of a saint of peace.  Pope Francis has been criticized for not doing enough to address kidnapping of children by military police and telling two priests to stop working for the poor or lose his protection.  They were both killed.

Actually, the Pope has nothing do with the rest of the stories on this page except Paul Crouch, of TBN, had his picture taken with one.


10 thoughts on “The Pope, Pastor G, and Jack Schaap walk into a bar. . .

  1. Wow…what happened to innocent until proven guilty? Thousands of peoples lives have changed for the better as a direct result of this church, including my own. Sounds like a classic story of a bunch of witches gathered together to plot evil against someone good.

  2. Quack Quack ! Wow it sounds like a Duck, and it waddles like one too! I wonder could it Be one of those silly ducks that are always Quacking to make themselves look good?
    I visited that church, and all I heard was pat, pat pat, me on the back, and look at what were doing here, is’nt it great, lets give away another Harley.and get another Tatoo! and we can ride through the pearly gates on our shiny bikes1 Wow, maybe this will save a Soul! Throw some more money in the Bowl and we will rROC and roll !

    • Let me get this straight. Just to clarify: you visited the church once and you honestly think you are an expert on it? You are hilarious. One time, I had this really awesome canoli. I’m obviously an award winning pastry chef. NOT! I’ve visited this church many times. I know many of the members and leaders of the church personally, including Pastor G. The vibe I got was consistant. They love Jesus and do what they think He would do. Don’t be upset because you don’t agree with all of their principles. And next time investigate more thourghly before you try to pass judgement on anything.

      • I have known the entire family and All the wives of all the Aguilars for over 30 years. They even lived with me during the beginning of Set Free. They are all cons artists and laugh at you fools for falling for their bogus piety. I was there when Phil first started looking for Gerenimo after his G’s grandparents who raised him died. When “G” married first wife Stacey and they tried taking her kids from her by locking her up in a room as punishment for not being obedient.. These are horrid “men” and a horrid family. Apparently, P.T. Barnum was right, there is a fool born every minute.

  3. Geronimo has a history of having sex with minor girls. He married his first wife, Stacee, when she was 16 (he was 19). They had two children Moshe (now called Taylor) and Ashaya. G started messing around with Sammy and Stacee found out. Pastor Phil very quickly got G and Sammy out of California via Texas then on to Virgina. Sammy was only 14 and G was 21 when he started having sex with her.

  4. He has a history of being involved with underage girls. Geronimo married Stacee (first wife) when she was 16 and he was 19. He started the affair with Samantha when she was 14 and he was 21.

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