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‘Don’t Go In The Church!’ for a special ROC Memorial Day weekend

Don’t Go In The Church! was meant to evoke drive in classics like Don’t Answer the Phone!, Don’t Go In The House!,  Don’t Go In The Attic!. I got the idea while watching the faux trailer ‘Don’t!’ from Grindhouse.  Yet, I still get people (and non believers no less!), who sincerely ask, even after the seeing the video, “Do you really believe it will stop if we stop going to church?”  Satire has no chance with some people!

If there was one thing I would either remove, or re-write, it’s the scene where the parents take the girl into the office to confront the pastor.  Even back in 2007, I still had this idea that it was somehow necessary to confront your abuser.  This idea is inspired partly by Matthew 18: 15-17, which has been used to discredit victims who did not first confront their abuser, and from Hollywood movies where the victim takes matters into his or her hands.

Today, I would never recommend that.  It’s just another piece of fundamentalist baggage that you still carry even if it has been years since the last time you entered a church.  I tossed that baggage about 3 years ago, and I removed the ‘girl confronting pastor’ scene in some versions of Don’t Go In The Church! I’m keeping it in because this is the original version I made in reaction to the non-trial of Bob Gray.

This will certainly be a memorable weekend, and not just because it’s Memorial Day!  I’m waiting to read feedback on Sunday regarding the reactions of various pastors to the arrest of Pastor G.  While I’m not expecting to hear anything from First Baptist in Hammond, Indiana, I think victims will be robbed if Jonathan Falwell does not address the arrest.

Here are two questions I’d like answered: Did Jonathan Falwell know about Pastor G’s sex crimes and confront him?  If so, how long did he know and what did he do about it behind the scenes?

Falwell needs to come clean on this matter not only because he gave a ‘shout outs’ to both Phil Aguilar and Pastor G (even as reports were posted on the internet about both), but also because Liberty University is the employer of Basyle ‘Boz’ Tchividjian, founder of GRACE (Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment).  GRACE is the ‘go-to’ organization for religious abuse amongst fundamentalists and evangelicals; some of whom might even have enabled the wonderful leadership of the Richmond Outreach Center by simply remaining quiet on the issue.

It’s true GRACE is busy with their independent investigation into abuse at Bob Jones University.  That study is paid for by BJU. GRACE needs someone to pay the bills. Perhaps if Pastor G had cut Boz a check and said, “Here’s a money order, now investigate me!” none of this would ever have happened?  In any event, GRACE was silent and Liberty University was silent. And I dare anyone to suggest that it is not the responsibility of Liberty University or GRACE to comment on this matter.

Happy Memorial Day!  Remember those who fought the enemy, both internationally and domestically.  Make it a memorable one!


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