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Waiting for Falwell

NOTE: No sooner than this blog went up when someone posted Falwell indeed spoke at the ROC last Saturday. According to a comment on this blog, Mr.Falwell told them to “gird themselves up to storm the gates of hell.” Jerry Falwell, Jonathan’s father, at least offered prayer for the victims before telling Trinity Baptist Church it would all be a ‘bump in the road’.

Here’s the invite:

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Here is the blog as originally posted this morning:

20090403_jonathanfalwellconvoThere have not been any reports about Jonathan Falwell tweeting or making mention about the incidents at the Richmond Outreach Center, where Pastor G was extradited to Texas to face trial for statutory rape. Some might suggest Falwell has no reason to make comment about the ROC.  They are two separate ministries, two separate people, and all those good arguments that come up when friends and associates get in legal trouble and businesses (and church is business!) need to cover their tracks.

There is a reason why the Richmond mayor suddenly decided to investigate the ROC, even though it has been weeks since victims filed complaint with the Richmond police only to have to wait until Texas decided to step up and take action.  The ROC has been supported by Richmond’s movers and shakers and if it goes down, a number of people, ministries, businesses, and politicians will get a black eye.  Including, Thomas Road Baptist Church pastor, Jonathan Falwell, who famously gave both Pastor G and his father, Phil Aguilar, a shout out which included the hope the abusive ministry, SET FREE, would rise again in Southern California and eclipse the ROC!

Now that Pastor G has turned himself in, there is silence.  At least, for the moment.

Thomas Road Baptist Church has a history of ‘helping’ troubled ministries, but usually when they have something to gain from it.  Jerry Falwell flew in out of the blue to help Jim and Tammy Baker when their PTL ministry began collapsing after allegations that Jim Baker raped, via alcohol, Jessica Hahn.  Fundamentalists were mystified that an independent Baptist would have any interest in a charismatic ministry.  Jacksonville pastor, Bob Gray, confronted Falwell on this and was told, by Jerry, he had no interest in saving PTL.  He just wanted a TV Network for the Lord!

Bob Gray eventually was arrested on multiple charges of child molestation.  After his arrest, Falwell swooped in and gave Trinity a sobering, but ultimately uplifting, speech that all of these problems would one day be ‘a bump in the road’.

Jonathan Falwell, Jerry’s heir, has yet to comment on the ROC.  If he follows the tradition of his father, I’m expecting Jonathan Falwell to visit the ROC and give them a feel good speech.  He’ll probably use different words.  I hope he chooses another phrase besides ‘bump in the road’, because the only ‘bump in the road’ anyone will fell will be the victims Falwell, and his associates, have driven over to protect their ministry.


3 thoughts on “Waiting for Falwell



    “We support the Roc but not G or any of the leadership.”

    The time was not to be subliminal, but to be direct and loving.

    I know that what has been playing out in the media is not indicative of all who attend The Roc, but the man and men who they call leaders have influenced them. For these men to have that platform and in no way address that G should not just “step down,” but all together never take the pulpit again, is something you can do that while loving on the congregation, in fact it is the most loving thing you could do for them right now.

    I understand the need to be sensitive to peoples emotions, with everything that has gone on, there are real people who have real lives that have been affected by the leadership of The Roc. For a moment throw out the allegations of Texas, and you still have a man who, allegedly had an affair for a decade, took women to a time share and slept with them, allegedly had a sexual relationship with a 16 year old in 2010, and from all accounts his testimony is a lie. How do you stand before a congregation and fail to speak about these things? They also do not understand that the leaders currently there are just as guilty as G, these same leaders are paying G around three thousand dollars a week, maintain that he is not guilt of any of the above. How do you not speak to those in the congregation who has called these women “whores,” openly called the “liars,” and accused them of wanting to gain money out of what has happened to them. Not to mention that anyone who writes or speaks out against the abominations that have occurred there are called haters. Please tell me how you don’t address any of that, and then throw kindling on the fire.

    What is the cause of the current “suffering,” that has come upon The Roc? What about those who have suffered at the hands of G and his cohorts? The cause of this suffering is the sin of the leadership, and I am not talking about sin that has long ago been repented of, but all that continues to go on.


    I agree that The Roc does many good things in the community, but at what price are you willing to allow that good to continue? Are you willing to allow countless of lies to be hurt? Countless more women to be abused? Countless more marriages to be ruined? While behind closed doors people do whats right in their own eyes, and collect and use the money given to build their own Kingdom? It is the blind leading the blind.

    Mr.Falwell told them to “gird themselves up to storm the gates of hell.” Mr.Falwell the enemy as infiltrated that camp you may as well have told them to storm their own doors, and remove their own pastors. Mr.Falwell Jesus in his death assured us that the gates of hell would never prevail agains Him.


    Isaiah 51:17

    Wake yourself, wake yourself,
    stand up, O Jerusalem,
    you who have drunk from the hand of the LORD
    the cup of his wrath,
    who have drunk to the dregs
    the bowl, the cup of staggering.

    Jeremiah 25:15–17
    The Cup of the LORD’s Wrath

    15 Thus the LORD, the God of Israel, said to me: “Take from my hand this cup of the wine of wrath, and make all the nations to whom I send you drink it. 16 They shall drink and stagger and be crazed because of the sword that I am sending among them.”
    17 So I took the cup from the LORD’s hand, and made all the nations to whom the LORD sent me drink it:

    Notice how Jesus began to stagger in the Garden, he was drinking the Cup of God’s wrath so that those who believe in him would never suffer under God’s righteous judgment.


    Maybe all this is coming to light to purge the Roc of its ungodly leadership.

    I will take the fact that these four men neglected to to openly pull their support for G as an open endorsement of him as a Pastor and his leadership he appointed.

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