Fundamental Scandals

Christopher Peterman, expelled from BJU for GLEE, makes CRACKED!

It’s almost as good as an appearance on the Tonight Show.  Christopher Peterman, who was expelled from Bob Jones University for watching GLEE, has been immortalized on the CRACKED magazine website!  Picture 8Click above for the full article.


Because Bob Jones is so wholesome, which is to say awful and meddlesome, it expects students to adhere to certain codes of conduct even off campus. And while many schools will do the same and will take action against a student who is a drug dealer or, you know, a murderer, rarely do accredited schools have the time or the resources to obtain the fucks to give about what you watch on TV. Bob Jones is all up on that bitch, though. They have a list of no-no shows. Glee was one of them.


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