Fundamental Scandals

Wally George breaks my pitchfork.

The first ever Wally Con, a gathering of people who made appearances on HOT SEAT with Wally George was held last Saturday. I didn’t make a big deal about my appearance since I was really there escorting Queen Kong and her friend, Charli Haynes to the proceedings. They had way more appearances on Wally George than I had. Most of those who appeared at Wally Con had over 7 appearances on the show. Yes, they were the giants!

It is for this reason I didn’t make a big deal about my appearance on Wally George in which he broke my pitchfork. I had only seen a handful of episodes when I arrived in Southern California. I didn’t quite understand the groove of the show. I knew it got boisterous, but I thought he’d start out talking normal and then we’d work ourselves into a frenzy. As it was, he started right out of the gate and I just found myself looking into his eyes and realizing he had the same physical features as his daughter, Rebecca DeMorney. I could really see the resemblance sitting that close to him as opposed to seeing the resemblance on the TV screen. And then he morphed into Cotton Mather when he came out with, “When I see people like you, I want to throw up!”

I couldn’t exactly come up with an answer to that. Oh, well! At least I knew enough to bring a prop! I really felt like I was on trial during the Salem Witch Hunts. Which is to say: felt kinda fun! lol.

Enjoyed the WallyCon!


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