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Joshua Hathaway, RIP. Killed at Liberty University

Joshua Hathaway, RIP

Joshua Hathaway was shot and killed at Liberty University.  This happened on Tuesday, November 19, 2013 at around 4AM.  The Liberty freshman was killed by a campus police officer who has since been put on paid leave. Lynchburg police are investigating the situation.

Crimes by campus police across the nation have been making the news.  There was a shooting at the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas. The University revealed the name of Cpl Chris Carter as being the shooter of senior Cameron Reedus.  The police portrayed Reedus as aggressive. Cpl Carter said that Reedus had him fearing for his life.  The Reedus family released the following statement:

Our family does not believe the officer’s report. Cameron has never been an aggressive or confrontational person. Cameron’s friends have said the same thing about him.

For him to confront a police officer would be completely out of his character.  ​

We understand that the Texas Rangers and Alamo Heights police have begun a formal investigation into events leading to Cameron’s death. We are confident, because we knew Cameron, that the investigation will show that Cameron was not armed when the police officer shot him. 

No such statement has come forth from supporters of Joshua Hathaway. Liberty University and Lynchburg police are not releasing any details on the shooter.  They are, however, releasing a few incriminating details concerning the victim.

Joshua Hathaway is portrayed as a brilliant student who went nuts and attacked the guard with a hammer. He was remembered as ‘extremely smart, funny, and generous’ at his memorial service.  Kent Anderson, Liberty’s Dean of Students, in ‘Friends Attend Memorial Service of Fellow Student’,  published at Liberty University’s website, remarked that Hathaway is now ‘in a better place’.

Those who knew Hathaway have been expressing themselves in the comment sections of articles.

“Had this been like any story to me, I would think the same as everyone else. But I actually knew him, and that changes things.” wrote ‘Adam’, in response to this article from International Business Times. “This is extremely not like this young man.”

A poster calling himself ‘a Liberty Dad’ responded with this comment: Adam, as a medical professional I can tell you that its very common for mental illness to rapidly appear in a young man Josh’s age resulting in a devastating psychotic break from a major depressive episode or age-onset schizophrenia.

Michael McKee, commenting at this article in Lynchburg’s News and Advance, wonders, “Your papers reported that this young man was shot and (killed) my question is they have reported EVERYTHING about the young man who Was (killed) and non thing on the (shooter) why the protection?”

“WHERE IS THE VIDEO from the DORM?” asks Steven Riddle, responding to the same article. “You know good and well they have video security at these locations. Why hasn’t that been reviewed and released to the public? Sounds like they dont want to address that!!!”

WORLD magazine, a publication known for being friendly toward Bob Jones University, published a critical view of the killing at Liberty University. Andrew Branch, in his article,  Liberty Shooting Leaves Unanswered Questions, writes, “Lynchburg Police Lt. Dave Gearhart told me his department has carried Tasers for at least six years. It’s not clear why Liberty officers don’t carry them.”

The Huffington Post recently reported on how sexual assault cases have been mishandled by campus police.

Whether it’s killing or sexual assault, the principals of cover up remain the same: blame the victim and maybe it will all go away.


3 thoughts on “Joshua Hathaway, RIP. Killed at Liberty University

  1. He wasn’t mad or suffering from mental illness. His GPA and performance at Liberty reflected that he was succeeding. He came to the school on a scholarship and, according to police warrants, had cash in his vehicle…so it’s doubtful he was facing any kind of financial hardship.
    I think he knew the officer who shot him. He drove across the street to visit with him, as he had done before. I think that’s how Josh ended up with bullets and a clip in his room, but no gun – he had spent time with the officer before and they had played with the gun before, and Josh was given a clip to use. The officer was an EMT and was young…mid twenties…could easily relate to a nineteen year-old. I think he and Josh were hanging out late while he was on duty (past Liberty curfew). I think they were playing with the gun. Josh was shot. The EMT / officer tried to save him (this would explain the bloody gauze and bloody scissors officers found beneath Josh’s body). The EMT was not able to save him.
    A story was fabricated to cover this up (the story was not officially signatures in an affidavit until 1:30pm the next day…nearly nine hours after the event took place). And since then, Liberty has kept this whole mess out of the press.
    It’s a shame. The current official portrayal in the media of what happened that night makes no sense, and no one has taken any steps to force the truth to come out.
    I hate that Josh has been maligned as a lunatic. It’s simply a false story, and the university either created it or allowed it to persist in order to protect themselves.

    • Thank you for this comment. I’m sure there’s a number of people across the country taking an interest in this case. Even though the msm doesn’t seem quite interested, the www certainly is! Hopefully, there will be more blogging on this case when it comes to trial. If it does. If it doesn’t, and I certainly would not want to put any pressure on his family, but a civil lawsuit against Liberty certainly wouldn’t be out of bounds.

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