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Stephen Jones resigns from BJU. Will there be GRACE?

believeallStephen Jones, the president of Bob Jones University, has tendered his resignation. His final day is May 9, 2014, commencement.  During his reign, faculty and staff who were approaching retirement were fired, BJU attempted (and still is attempting) to get accreditation, BJU stole the name ‘the Bruins’ from UCLA and that became the name of their basketball team, his goatee relaxed the hair code, and, last but not least, he hired Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment (GRACE) to do an independent investigation into how the university has responded to abuse complaints.

Reactions from cyberland to Jones’ resignation  have been schizophrenic.

Jones is resigning for medical reasons.  Many cybercritics, having no medical credentials (and yet, would criticize non-credentialed fundamentalist leaders for refusing to call a doctor for a student because ‘he’s not really sick’), have doubts that Stephen Jones is actually ill.  Not gonna go there!

I think the big concern is that the new president will either fire GRACE or suppress the upcoming GRACE report. That’s plausible. The GRACE report is supposed to be coming out in 2014.  Stephen’s final day is May 9, 2014. That’s five months to get the report out!  Unless they’re being really sluggish, or finally understanding the real implications of their findings, it should be out before the end of the Spring semester, wouldn’t you think?

I believe we’ll get a GRACE report.  They have the time.  Stephen, unless he has truly relinquished all powers, is still president until May.  I certainly don’t want BJU to fire GRACE.  I can just hear the criticism, “The problem wasn’t with GRACE, it was BJU that fired them!” GRACE will be martyred on BJU’s altar of immediacy.

And now, attending my own schizophrenia on this issue. . .

If BJU fires GRACE, they are certainly within their rights!

dogandmanIf I were a supporter of BJU, I’d be pretty livid that anyone from Liberty University is putting themselves in a position of judgement over my favored institution.  “Really? We had eight sexual assaults, but they were all from the same individual.  What about your nine sexual assaults? And how did Jerry Falwell answer the question, ‘Why did Bob Gray resign from Trinity, Brother Falwell?‘ Anyone else on your staff know about this?  And exactly how long had you been hearing rumors about Pastor G at the Richmond Outreach Center?  And you’re going to judge us?”

People will rightly point out that GRACE and Liberty University are two separate institutions. The only common denominator is that founder/head, Boz Tchividjian, is a professor at Liberty University’s law school.  We’re to ignore the individual in favor of the organization.

Just like Bob Jones University kept getting linked to Trinity Baptist Church in Concord, New Hampshire.  Chuck Phelps was not even the pastor of the church during this controversy. Chuck Phelp’s decisions while pastor of TBC became linked to BJU policy, even though both are separate organizations. BJU critics will rightfully hold Phelps accountable, but still blame BJU because it quietly went along by not condemning Phelps. The logic stops when GRACE and Liberty University enter the picture.

If we don’t get a GRACE report, the very people who criticize me for being a conspiracy nut will themselves become conspiracy nuts.  You don’t want that to happen, BJU!  Otherwise, they’ll have no credibility.

Opps. . .forget I said that!



6 thoughts on “Stephen Jones resigns from BJU. Will there be GRACE?

  1. Unlike the rest of Fundamentalism, that has been swimming in sexual iimproprities within their ranks and leadership, BJU is an absolutely pure location on this earth. No sexual misdeeds/crimes have ever taken place in BJU (or ever will if the current leadership remains in place).

  2. WOW! So you think that GRACE should not have hired an educated person for their staff? Or someone maybe they should have hired someone from a secular university? Did you think before writing this? Secondly, Liberty is not known for carving an entity, a reputation, of being the holders of second degree separation. BJU has earned, nurtured and cultivated such a reputation. It is much more dishonoring to God to support a pedophile than it is to watch Glee off Campus or to pray with a calvinist….BJU would state that this is not so, but the glee-off-campus-watchers and the calvinist-hang-out-withs should be expelled. They have proven this of their own accord and of their own free will, multiple times. So it was not simply the fact that they had Chuck on staff that outraged me, but the fact that he didn’t get the minimal retaliation that we all knew the college would have given otherwise. The college stood up for him instead…sending him to another university and then hiring him again, hence *linking themselves* to him. What has Liberty said/done that is out of the normal behavior for Liberty? And finally, if you knew GRACE would be fired, wouldn’t it be better for BJU to tell them months ago? Why not give them until May? And who told you about this?

    • Actually, Liberty University is behaving quite accordingly as I expect them to! I would be more interested in seeing the contract BJU signed with GRACE before commenting on their relationship. As it stands, GRACE does not conduct criminal investigations, has a prosecutor’s bias, has not taken a significant stand against abuses in fundamentalist group homes. And Liberty? Well, between staying silent while accusations against Pastor G were going on, possible knowledge of Bob Gray’s molestations at Trinity and remaining silent, and the added intrigue of waiting for any decisions regarding the Joshua Hathaway shooting, I expect Liberty to do nothing less than keep quiet.

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  4. Those who really don’t have credentials or courage and cannot build anything , create blogs sowing discord among the brethren. I guess Clemson, Auburn, and Missouri must have stolen their mascot titles. Feel free to ask Stephen Jones family face to face of health issues if you have the courage. Meanwhile enjoy your abuse of freedom of speech

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