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Was Joshua Hathaway’s death an accidental shooting?

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Posts like this usually appear whenever massacres occur in the USA. It’s to show we care!

Was the shooting of Joshua Hathaway an accident that is in the process of being covered up?  That’s a question that popped in my mind when the following comment (see below) appeared at the article, Joshua Hathway, RIP. Killed at Liberty University.

The speculation by David Jameson is not an established fact, but it makes sense. Jameson suggests that Joshua and the guard may have been friends.  They were playing around with the gun when it went off. The strange account of Joshua, a brilliant student known for his missionary work in Peru, suddenly going crazy and attacking the guard with the hammer could possibly be a cover story. Joshua’s killing may be nothing more than another typical accidental gun death that happens every day in this nation.

Gun deaths have plagued this nation for the last couple years. And with every Newton massacre, there is a rush of people (usually conservatives, like those who run Liberty) at the comment sections reminding us that the gun did not walk to the campus and start shooting people! We never hear them advocate for common sense gun regulation. Instead, we hear that perhaps students at ‘such and such’ campus would not have suffered harm if they had been packing heat.

The last thing a gun loving institution like Liberty University wants is to have an accidental gun death brought about by horseplay! Instead, we hear how Joshua ‘snapped’ and began attacking the guard with the hammer. Is there a surveillance video that can shed light on what happened that night?

Liberty University officials, and the local police, are being silent on this issue. We won’t know the facts unless transparency wins the day through either a hearing or a trial or Liberty officials suddenly having a crises of conscience.  What are the odds of that happening?

Transparency resides in the hands of the student body. Liberty appears to be one of the few fundamentalist schools that allows students to critique their college without risking expulsion.  This is your chance. Start a blog. A facebook group. Keep tabs on this case. Make sure the nation is aware of what is happening in Lynchburg. After all, you could be the next Joshua Hathaway.

Picture 4Additional Reading: Why is the media turning a deaf ear and a blind eye to the shooting death of 19 yrs old LU honor student, Joshua Hathaway? Would the media act the same if he was African American?


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