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Has the wiki of Trinity Baptist College in Jacksonville, FL. been vandalized?

NOTE: After reviewing the technicalities of wikis, just found out that all you have to do is click ‘undo’ on the page that lists everything the previous censor has taken away. That takes you to a page with the html document.  You change what you need, hit save, and it returns to normal.  In this case, I only hit save, and, for the moment, the page is back to its original state. So, remember that in case anyone changes your wiki!

Article that was written before the restored TBC wiki page:

I use wikis even though I have no idea how to make one.  Apparently, you can’t make a wiki for yourself, but that’s BS since I’ve seen wikis whose original author also happens to be the subject of the article!  So, I brushed them off as interesting but not a true fact source unless backed up by other materials.

Apparently, not everybody feels the same. You can probably understand my surprise when Cathy Harris, an activist of Facebook, pointed out that the wiki of Trinity Baptist College has omitted all references to the Bob Gray scandal.  Well, almost all references!  At least, wiki was sensitive enough to the controversy to include this statement:

Picture 8

The only correction I need to make is that most of the reported abuses actually occurred in the office of Trinity Christian Academy on Hammond Blvd.  The college was located on McDuff Avenue. Today, both college and elementary/high school are located on the 800 Hammond Blvd complex.  During the era of the Gray ‘trial’, no abuse had been reported from the offices on McDuff Avenue. Moot point, since now all offices are on the same grounds, but when fundamentalists find a ‘moot point’ they dig in for all it’s worth.

Some articles that were originally published by the Florida Times Union, which were mentioned in the wiki, have been removed. Some of that could be the result of broken links.   I noticed some articles being removed when I double checked links on my old blogs from the ‘non trial’ era.  Bob Gray died within days of his trial beginning so this gives them the ‘right’ to say, “He never stood trial for his so called crimes!”

Consequently, with all mainstream articles removed, all you have left is blog posts. According to the above statement, that is not acceptable.

Here are two mainstream articles I found about Bob Gray from the Florida Times Union.

Articles from Florida Times Union about Bob Gray:

Spiritual Legacy in Question:

Former Pastor faces Additional Charges:

If anyone else finds other articles, feel free to send them to wiki! However, it looks like even these articles were probably posted on the wiki and then removed. IP user,, has been a frequent contributor to that wiki page and wrote:

Picture 10

Thought you all should know. . .


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