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Lancaster Baptist Church Sunday school teacher commits drive-by suicide!

God-and-gunsJeremy Whitman, an employee/Sunday School teacher of Lancaster Baptist Church in Lancaster, CA, committed a drive by suicide/murder of Erik Peter Ungerman.  Murderer described as ‘an awesome man’.  Whitman, according to associate pastor,  Tim Christoson, was a former employee of Lancaster Baptist Church and a youth group intern. As always, the real meat of this story is in the comment section of the Antelope Valley Times.

Jeremy was also singled out in the dedication page of LBC pastor, Paul Chappell’s book, Stewarding Life.

“Jeremy Whitman, thank you for unreservedly and joyfully 
investing yourself in assisting me and organizing the many 
details of a growing ministry. Thank you for your servant’s heart 
and excellent spirit.”

Click here for article.

Quotes from comment section:

“Paul Chappell always said if his church isn’t honoring the Lord anymore then may He burn it to the ground. Well I think of most of us are just waiting for that day.”

“About 45 minutes ago, I posted on here about Jeremy having plans on writing a book to expose the lies and corruption at LBC. Stating that the potential loss of all that money and power would be something one might not want to give up. Strangely, that post vanished. Deleted from the page. Who has the authority to do that?”

“Brother” Jeremy Whitman gave the invocation at the Lancaster council meeting in 2008. Rex introduced him as “Pastor Jeremy Whitman of Lancaster Baptist Church,” but he’s just a clerk right? Yeah, oookaaaay. Too bad the video is online. Play it to 1:20 to see Pastor Jeremy Whitman opening the city council meeting in prayer.”


14 thoughts on “Lancaster Baptist Church Sunday school teacher commits drive-by suicide!

  1. You cannot blame anyone or anything but Jeremy. I know what he did was wrong, we all do. You cannot pin the tail on the church. Sorry, you just cannot. Get over yourself!

  2. Traci Potter are you kidding – please read this
    By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”
    What does that tell you.

  3. It breaks my heart when the Lord’s sheep become lost, because it just gives the doubtful person a reason to stay away. It’s happening too much. Lord help us!

  4. Man I want to pick your brain. I actually knew Jeremy and I will tell you there is so much more going on in this story than two buddies just had a debate and it got heated. I’m so curious where you found out about the book Jeremy was going to publish. Please tell me more!

    • Was he really working on a book? A lot of people from IFB churches have told me they were writing books, but I’m still waiting. I’ve had three people from Trinity Baptist in Jacksonville tell me they were writing books about Gray and TBC-related events. I’ll be the first one to buy it! I don’t know anyone in Lancaster. I saw this mentioned in a comment from one of the articles. It would be interesting if he actually was writing one. Did he ever tell you about the book? Do you know if actually made it through a first draft? Or first chapter?

      BTW, you mean Eric was writing the book? Jeremy was the pastor who opened the city council meeting. Were they both writing books?

      • Well I grew up in that church and I always had a weird feeling about that place. Jeremy was my youth pastor while I was going to the high school there LBS (Lancaster Baptist School). There’s a lot of money that flows into that place. They have an English building, a Spanish Building, a high school, a college, and many many other buildings that sit on the land. The place is actually bigger than Disneyland. I’ve heard a lot of stories of molestation, threatening, and hidden money that involve that church. I personally have not been a member there for about 7 years but my mom still is a faithful member and when I visit her I’ll occasionally go to a service there. I don’t personally know if Jeremy was writing a book but that truly wouldn’t surprise me. He saw the inner workings of that church first hand and I’m sure he saw a lot of stuff that probably ate away at him. I’m curious where you got the info about him writing the book.

      • Somebodyiswatching posted that Jeremy might have been working on a book. That doesn’t make sense to me, since Jeremy was the shooter. I would think someone who is accused would shoot the person about to expose him. Go scroll down in the comments of the article on this blog, and you’ll read:

        January 22, 2014 at 10:26 pm
        About 45 minutes ago, I posted on here about Jeremy having plans on writing a book to expose the lies and corruption at LBC. Stating that the potential loss of all that money and power would be something one might not want to give up. Strangely, that post vanished. Deleted from the page. Who has the authority to do that? And under whose guidance? Rex? Is this a conspiracy theory….sure. You can call it that if you like. But there are too many unanswered questions…..they were best friends. And noone I know saw any signs that he was depressed or suicidal….

      • this book thing really needs to be looked into. I am not in anyway attempting slander the church but if there is truth that needs to be brought to light, i hope it can be brought to light. I am far from a conspiracy theorist but i am slightly unsettled by the fact that the comments regarding jeremy’s supposed plans to write a book have been deleted from both the avtimes website AND the facebook page. this cant be swept under the rug. more information is needed

      • I agree. No matter what stance the alleged book took, it might shed some light on a few things. However, even if someone posted excerpts, there would still be the question of validity. Did he trust another person with the book? Make a private video blog? Things like that.

  5. LBC is a GANSTA CHURCH!! YES!! They threaten your children if you stray from their god. Just watch the last church service with Evangelist Goetsch if you do not know this!! Also, if you wanna know who is responsible for all the EVIL in this world….look no further than their god….he is in control of everything and everything that happens is godswill!! YES!!

  6. I find this very interesting since I graduated from that place. I would be surprised if there wasn’t rampant abuse, corruption and political manipulation behind the scenes. The emotional abuse alone that myself and my family experienced was no doubt indicative of a much more pervasive problems. Eventually all that is covered will be revealed. Knowing Jeremy… basically he was the CEO/Senior Pastor’s bit** (exec assistant). If he was planning on being a whistleblower there would no doubt be much to lose on LBC/WCBC’s part with what he might reveal.

    • I’m having a hard time digesting the idea of Jeremy as whistleblower when he, to the best of our knowledge (which isn’t very complete), is the shooter. It would make more sense if Eric was writing the book and the whistleblower. If Eric was trying to expose something that implicated Jeremy or LBC, then that might motivate Jeremy to silence Eric. But if Jeremy is the whistleblower, what in the world happened? Why would he feel the need to chase someone down like that? Wouldn’t it be enough to just release the book and let the house of cards crumble? All this is something other people might know. Many have rightly posted I don’t know the people involved. I agree. I also tend to agree people will continue to stay silent and this will be a mystery unless somebody just throws caution to the wind and begins to tell what they know.

  7. I have never been to this church and I have never heard the preacher preach. But why all the speculation of a ministry and a so called book that the shooter was writing? It just seems to me that according to scripture people are to not gossip nor spread gossip. If there is sin, God has His way of bringing it to light. Ask Jack Schaap? Or better yet look at your own hearts and see what you can do to have a better walk with your God!

    • Amen! Thank you for being the first person to saying anything Biblical or honoring to The Lord on this discussion. As for the other comments, are they bringing glory to God? Are they furthering the ministry? I don’t understand how people can bash on a place that sees thousands saved and discipled annually. Until you have done something at least half as comparable, maybe you should “Get off the internet and go soul winning.” –Paul Chappell. What is this discussion doing for the cause of Christ Christ? Squat.

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