Fundamental Scandals

GRACE astounding the Chief of Spinners.

Bob Jones University has reinstated the GRACE investigation following a brief period of renegotiation after they pulled the investigation on January 24, 2014.

I think that’ll do for now. . .

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2 thoughts on “GRACE astounding the Chief of Spinners.

    • It is the biggest story in fundamentalism/child advocacy, but I’m temporarily not writing any more articles about this until the BJU report comes out. I wasn’t upset when BJU first terminated GRACE because when you remove the legal fiction that is ‘GRACE’ you have a professor at Liberty University, and other people who are employed by, and therefore also are representative, of other christian colleges (that don’t exactly have a stellar record reporting fellow IFB pastors/ministers who have molested), christian psychological organizations (troubled teen camps going untouched), descending on BJU to make judgements.

      One of the GRACE staff, although probably not involved in the BJU ‘study’, was involved with Mark Driscoll’s Mar’s Hill. Of course, that fellow either changed employment or quit GRACE because they removed that reference since Driscoll’s not the best ministry for a child advocate to involve himself with. I’m also critical for GRACE publishing a confidential memo. I’ve read all the rationalizations for why BJU will forever wear the black hat and therefore are not worthy of ethical consideration. It was not illegal, but who in the world is going to hire GRACE knowing they pull stunts like this?

      It was probably inevitable that they come back together since both GRACE and BJU are on public opinion ‘trial’. BJU looks like they’re covering up by firing GRACE. BJU’s base, who would normally cheer their institution doing such things like firing GRACE, is so small that they need a new demographic. And GRACE? One of the many things I’ve read in comments and articles is that the firing will be used to portray GRACE as inefficient. So it’s important for GRACE to be rehired to save their reputation.

      Again, who would hire GRACE knowing they have a penchant for publishing confidential memos? And it really worked out well with New Tribes Mission, btw? They’ve recently had missionaries arrested but not receiving the anger they normally would. Why? I guess it’s because they hired GRACE, and, because of that, everyone assumes their heart is in the right place and will now lay off the criticism?

      My biggest criticism is Boz’s silence regarding his fellow workers at Liberty University, and members of his own family, who give lip service to equating pedophilia with homosexuality. Fundamentalists will get involved with protecting children as long as one of their most precious scapegoats is left intact.

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