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Bob Jones University looking for a new president. Apply now! REALLY!

Picture 20Bob Jones University is looking for a new president. They have posted an application and prefer you have a degree from BJU, although a state degree or, for that matter, a degree from a high ranking private college like Harvard, Yale, or Pepperdine mentioned on your resume, won’t be turned down. Anything to rankle the chains of the blogosphere! If a president is not selected, rumor has it that BJU must be sold. And we don’t want Liberty University buying out Greenville, do we?

Click here and apply for the position of president of BJU. Forward this application to your friends! It might pay slightly more than minimum wage.

P.S.  It helps if you know power point.

From the application page:

POSITION SUMMARY:  Responsible for leading Bob Jones University spiritually, strategically and day-to-day under the authority of the Board of Trustees and as defined in the University By-Laws


  • Responsible for leading the entire University personally and  through the leadership of the EVP of Operations, EVP of Academic Affairs, and VP of Advancement and Alumni Relations.
  • Leadership includes guiding spiritually, setting strategy, communicating strategy, and directing the officers in executing strategy.
  • Responsible to the Voting Board for fulfilling the mission of the University and provides necessary communication and support for the Board through the Board Chairman in order for the board to execute their fiduciary duties.

Spiritual Guidance includes but is not limited to:

  • Ensuring the University’s biblical philosophy is maintained and it is true to the university creed as stated in the By-Laws (see section below).
  • Working with the leadership team to develop/maintain a vibrant, mission-driven ministry with a goal of ensuring that BJU is pleasing to the Lord and accomplishing its mission.
  • Preaching frequently in chapel services.
  • Providing leadership through meetings with all constituencies on and off campus as a platform for vision, philosophy and culture.
  • Personally participating and leading in decisions involving philosophy of the University and communicating philosophy statements as required.
  • Developing and communicating the annual spiritual theme to the faculty, staff and students.
  • Directing others to communicate a consistent biblical philosophy by selecting and guiding chapel speakers.
  • Ensuring that the biblical philosophy is executed appropriately by student life, administration and faculty/staff.

Strategic Guidance includes but is not limited to:

  • Overseeing the overall strategic direction of the University.
  • Communicating strategy to faculty, staff,  students, and constituents including BJU’s heart, mission and vision.
  • Communicating includes maintaining visible leadership to faculty/staff and students.
  • Communicating the value and affordability of a BJU education, and recruiting right-fit students.
  • Directing strategic initiatives with the VP of Advancement and Alumni Relations.
  • Regularly maintains communication with alumni, friends of the University and donors.
  • Regularly seeks out donors.
  • Overseeing academic strategy of the institution by keeping current with all trends, changes, and best practices in higher education in general and Christian higher education in particular.
  • Approving the annual operational and capital budgets and maintaining accountability for their execution.
  • Appointing the college deans and faculty department heads and approving  ranking of faculty.
  • Conferring earned and honorary degrees at Commencement.

The President/CEO duties as outlined in the University’s Policy Manual, Volume I, Governance and Administration:


The president is the chief executive officer of the University.  The president is appointed by the Executive Committee and approved by the Voting Board and reports directly to the Executive Committee through the Chair and to the Voting Board.  The president is responsible for the administration of the University according to the purposes and policies determined by the Board of Trustees.  Among other responsibilities stipulated by the Board, the President has the following powers and duties:

  1. To organize and direct, as he deems necessary, the internal administration of the University;
  2. To appoint, or provide for the appointment of, all administrative officers and members of the faculty; and to make a report of his actions to the Board at the next regular meeting;
  3. To supervise the selection and qualifications of students and to maintain the standards determined by the Board;
  4. To supervise the discipline of students with the power to impose appropriate penalties, including expulsion;
  5. To control the University’s fund-raising activities;
  6. To exercise appropriate administrative and fiscal control over the intercollegiate athletic program;
  7. To make an annual report to the Board of Trustees on the state of the University;
  8. To submit to the Board an annual budget for the operation of the University.


  • Doctorate
  • Five or more years of related experience


  • Exemplary organizational leadership capability
  • Ability to communicate’both verbally and in written form’effectively to those in and outside BJU
  • Is an ordained minister (with certificate) and whose life exemplifies I Timothy 3 and Titus 1.
  • Ability to prepare for and preach sermons frequently
  • Comprehensive knowledge of BJU history and policies


  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Macintosh Application

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