Fundamental Scandals

GRACE Report to allegedly be released on August 31st.

Steve Pettit, the new president of Bob Jones University, and GRACE have both put up notices that the much anticipated GRACE report concerning Bob Jones University’s handling of sexual abuse complaints is scheduled to be released on August 31, 2014. This is much welcome news considering all the ‘go-to’ sources for BJU’s scandal ridden campus have now turned on each other, attacking each other’s credibility, and a virtual melee, minus the bloodletting, is occurring on Facebook (see below).

I guess the real question is: ‘who will be left standing and will anyone care?’ Oh, yeah, I forgot: ‘will all interested parties really be disappointed in the GRACE Report?’


While Boz and company retreat to the mountains to write their ten suggestions for abusive schools (aka, GRACE Report), the ‘survivors’ create more trauma when they’re not slapping and laughing, or stabbing and whining, those who don’t worship at their particular ‘golden calf’.


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