Fundamental Scandals

SNAP asking Southern Baptist to hire GRACE for an independent investigation.

06-07-IndependentStudyThe Survivors Network for those who were Abused by Priests are asking Southern Baptist officials to hire GRACE to do an independent investigation.  There have been independent investigations of the Southern Baptist Convention before, but most victims groups and spokespeople opposed those results.

GRACE, as those who are familiar with this page and my opinion might be aware, has done enough politicking to get the victims/survivors on their side. Victims are, for the most part, not used to people taking them seriously. So, be friendly. Speak with a soft voice. Don’t be loud with criticisms, and they’re on your side regardless of your views! In spite of GRACE’s silence regarding the evangelical tendency to rope pedophilia and homosexuality together, and SNAP’s problematic scandal with their New Orlean’s director being arrested for child pornography (followed by SNAP’s letter writing campaign to free him) the world of child advocacy is quickly turning into a fellowship of mutual deniability.

At the moment, I would suggest the SBC, and anyone else who might be considering hiring GRACE, to hold off until we read their report on Bob Jones University.

It promises to be groundbreaking, or a disappointment.

Depends on whose website you happen to fall upon. . .


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