Fundamental Scandals

GRACE Report: Smoke and mirrors, but the smoke is real.

waltwWalt Wilkins, solicitor in South Carolina, will open an investigation as to whether Bob Jones University is guilty of obstruction of justice.  This is based on accounts in the GRACE report where victims were encouraged not to report their abuse to the police. Often, they were encouraged to forgive their abusers, rapists, and assailants.

This investigation is encouraged.


I am disappointed Mr. Wilkin’s jurisdiction doesn’t include Lynchburg, Virginia.

A common thread between Bob Jones University and Liberty University is the embrace of my former pastor, Bob Gray, now deceased, from Jacksonville, Florida. He was arrested on multiple counts of child sex abuse in 2006. Gray and Falwell were close. Probably closer than Bob Jones, Jr, or the 3rd, but how would I know? If you go by sermons and take literally every ‘my dear friend’, you’d probably think they all lived in the same house! Click here for more info on Bob Gray.

Jerry Falwell did come to Trinity after Gray’s arrest and basically told everyone that all the loud noise from the press and prosecution should be considered ‘a bump in the road’.  He was right. GRACE, not affiliated with Liberty University but employing the founder of GRACE, Boz Tchividjian, has done a brilliant job of bringing all the attention toward Bob Jones University while Liberty, to this day, aids the abusive Richmond Outreach Center (where people still wonder about the fate of Pastor G, who has been indicted on charges of child abuse).

One of the most pressing question in the IFB world, around 1992, was ‘why did Brother Gray resign from Trinity?’. You don’t get to be a Jerry Falwell, or a Bob Jones Sr.Jr, or 3rd, by believing cover stories.

Bob Jones University is the whipping boy for the moment. If state authorities in South Carolina, Florida, and Virginia really stepped outside of the box, they would find the problem is far more deeper than what is currently in the GRACE report.

It’s tempting for me call the GRACE report ‘diversionary’ or ‘smoke and mirrors’, but the smoke is for real.  On one side, there’s a raging forest fire producing the smoke.  On the other side, there’s a tsunami producing mist and electrocution to all who touch it when the power cords go down. And, in some cases, the firemen have matches.

Both are too difficult for just one group to fight! Which ever battle you decide to fight, stay safe and protected. . .



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