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Philomena – 2013 (warning: spoilers, triggers, and basic bad attitude)

Philomena, based on The Lost Child of Philomena Lee by Martin Sixsmith, is about a woman’s search for her son. Michael Hess was a high ranking member of the Republican National Committee who became George Bush, Sr’s legal advisor. He was taken from his mother, Philomena, while she was forced to live at the Magdalene … Continue reading

Book and Movie Reviews / Fundamental Scandals

Thou Shalt Not Touch The Lord’s Anointed!

Bad taste alert! In honor of the first shooting on a fundamentalist Christian campus, and Bill Wininger leaving his pastorate on charges of child molestation (see below), I give you a piece of performance art masquerading as advertising. That’s Christian School Confidential, the novel with the gun, bible and blood on the cover. Accept no … Continue reading

Book and Movie Reviews / Fundamental Scandals

A Church Falsely Accused by Pastor Bill Wininger

Jack Hyles appeared at my former church, Trinity Baptist of Jacksonville, way back in the 1970s. He warned us (excuse my paraphrase): “The church is under attack!  Very soon, you will hear accusations against your pastor (reference to Bob Gray, sitting right behind him), that will be so horrible, and yet it will seem so … Continue reading

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I Fired God by Jocelyn Zichterman

If Jocelyn Zichterman didn’t exist, we’d have to create her. I Fired God is a memoir about growing up as an independent fundamental Baptist (IFB).  She is abused and molested by father and brothers, gets married without love because it’s ‘God’s will’ and, after leaving the church, continues to suffer the effects that fundamental abuse can … Continue reading