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I Fired God by Jocelyn Zichterman

If Jocelyn Zichterman didn’t exist, we’d have to create her. I Fired God is a memoir about growing up as an independent fundamental Baptist (IFB).  She is abused and molested by father and brothers, gets married without love because it’s ‘God’s will’ and, after leaving the church, continues to suffer the effects that fundamental abuse can … Continue reading

Fundamental Scandals

Challenging the toxic orthodoxy taking root in clergy abuse activism

Christian School Confidential is my other blog.  It started out as a reaction to the arrest of Bob Gray , former pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida, and the realization the local media would not cover the pertinent points or ask the questions I thought should have been asked.  Gray was arrested in … Continue reading

Fundamental Scandals

Bible Madness near Chicago? CHICAGO?

The Jack Hyles brand of fundamentalism is the type of fundamentalism satirized in my movie, BIBLE MADNESS.  The placard, ‘Let’s Go Soulwinning’ was taken from a popular book about soul winning that was written by Jack Hyles. CHICAGO magazine just published a very detailed piece regarding Jack Hyles and his influence on fundamentalism.  Indeed, if … Continue reading