Behind ‘the Madness’

Dwayne Walker is the producer/director of Bible Madness and the paperback sequel, Christian School Confidential.  He graduated Trinity Christian Academy (where Tim Tebow played for one season) in Jacksonville, Florida in 1980. He spent three weeks at Bob Jones University before coming to his senses and enrolling at the University of South Florida in Tampa.

He created the blog, Christian School Confidential, after Bob Gray, the former pastor of Trinity Baptist Church (which operated the school as a ministry) was arrested for multiple accounts of child molestation in 2006. Gray Matters is his account of the first major child molestation scandal to rock the world of independent fundamental Baptists. He ceased blogging at Christian School Confidential and now comments on religious scandals here at Bible Madness.

Walker’s photographs and articles have appeared in Rock City NewsEntertainment Today, the Florida Times Union, and Femme Fatales. His movies have been discussed in numerous articles from Brill’s Content, the L.A. Weekly, and Los Angeles magazine. His clients have included the late Walter ‘Killer’ Kowalski, lady wrestler Queen Kong, Alan Brannum Promotions, Zigwear Faux Fashion, and Wrestling Then and Now.

He works as an adviser to businesses and individuals regarding video production and web content.

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